Product range

   Active ingredients
   Vaseline oils
   Thickeners and polymers
   AP and deo ingredients
   Optic modifiers
   Film formers
   Products for depilation
   Vegetable oils
   UV filters
   Essential oils

Russo Chemie

Russo Chemie is the leading supplier of raw materials for cosmetics and household chemicals in Russia. We deliver wide range of quality raw materials and provide technical and information support to Russian and multinational manufacturers.

We supply all necessary ingredients (commodities, specialties, silicons, pigments, dyes&pigments, flavors and fragrances, preservatives, vegetable oils, waxes, active ingredients, extracts and special polymers) in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine.

Our vendors are: Dow Corning, XIAMETER, Sensient Cosmetic Technologies, Sharon Laboratories, Sasol, Eigenmann&Veronelli, Sabo, Zschimmer&Schwarz Italiana, IQL, Henry Lamotte, IFF, SummitReheis, Coatex, Bruno Bock, Oxea and others.

Our key benefits are -

  • Deep knowledge of the market and worldwide business activity
  • Team of experienced professionals
  • Individual service
  • Technological and information support providing by specialists, some of them have Ph.D. degree
  • Safe and flexible logistics